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Transport of Heavy Haul

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About This Project

Our customer came to us and requested a solution to moving a turbine that was over a million pounds

DateAugust 27, 2008
ScopeTransportation, Heavy Haul

Result Driven

This was a very complicated shipment of high value. We knew that this had to be planned out very carefully.

Several companies needed to be involved in this project, from barge companies, heavy haul carriers, crane companies, rail companies over weight and dimensional permits, special routing and the hiring of the Port of Duluth for an entire day.


This freight was very large and would not be able to be shipped as regular freight. From the location warehouse it was in it could not be hauled over land due to the width and height restrictions.

Our out of the box thinking and the 25 years of experience working in the industry at the time enabled us to build our transportation plan and solution.  


We hired a barge to haul the Turbine package from Norfolk VA, barged it up the east coast of the USA, along the Erie Canal and through the Great Lakes ending in Duluth MN. Once the turbine and generator arrived they were transferred from the barge to a heavy haul truck outfitted to haul 300,000 lbs and to a rail car that could haul 500,000 lbs. All of the accessories crates were shipped directly directly from Norfolk to the customers end location via regular flatdeck and stepdeck carriers.

  • Create heavy haul plan.
  • Implement plan
  • Oversee the loading and unloading of the turbines
  • Unload safe with no damages or personal injuries


Was a successfully implemented logistics plan, all the different modes of transport were pieced together perfectly with no mishaps. The turbine and generator arrived and was able to be put together and successfully used to generate power.