“Truplanin Logistics Corp. excels with a challenge."

That’s a good thing, because the specialty of project freight is nothing if not complex and time consuming, with millions of dollars at stake for clients. Truplanin Logistics is far more than a mere “shipper” – they are logistics specialists who give their clients the critical advice needed to make informed decisions. Is it viable to move a 427,000-pound, 220-foot-long vessel across North America in one piece, or would it be more economical to manufacture in two pieces and reassemble it on-site? Is shipping a million-pound, turbine package sitting on the US Eastern Seaboard achievable? Can you send seismic equipment to Afghanistan, fly some vibe trucks to Columbia? Our answers would be "we will look into that for you" and "yes we can". Western Canada’s vast energy-producing and mining sectors plus the network of fabricators and manufacturers creates the demand for moving large, heavy, over-dimensional loads throughout North America and worldwide. Truplanin Logistics and the few other specialists like us have the detailed knowledge to put together a multi-modal project shipping plan crossing numerous jurisdictions.

“In most cases the logistics plan is required before construction."

A ton of engineering goes into these types of loads. A  firm bidding on a new contract, needs to plan and cost for the number and size of components “like the pieces of a puzzle”, so that each module is shipped in the most economical manner possible. Some individual “pieces” might require arranging dozens of separate loads. As an example, a turbine that is required to operate a power plant could well be made up of multiple components drawn from numerous sources worldwide, project freight can encompass all modes of transport, including air and sea. A nearly incomprehensible set of tasks to the layperson is Truplanin Logistics stock-in-trade.

“Be aware of all limitations through the whole route”

Over or under bridges, along the narrowest road or through the best port. Truplanin Logistics plans are built on experience and try to cover every foreseeable problem throughout the complete routing. Our job starts by gathering information from clients and making sure that all the information is accurate and the package will fit through the envelop.

“Problems can compound."

Delays that, by themselves, may only seem annoying can have ripple effects possibly leading to vast financial consequences to the project’s owner, plus incalculable damage to reputation. Beyond that, success depends on the project freight specialist’s knowledge, experience and access to key contacts. It’s about knowing how to fit the pieces of the puzzle combined with the integrity and people skills to argue on the customer’s behalf, while being willing to tell the customer when something just won’t work.

“A million pound turbine package in storage Virginia."

To date this is still Kevin’s proudest and most complicated project. The Journey included barging up the Atlantic coast, a rare move through the historical Erie Canal system - that gave the locals something to talk about for weeks, traversing the Great Lakes, to the port in Duluth MN where over the course of 3 days, it was separated for movement onto the railroad and trucks to Western Canada, arriving undamaged, on budget and on time. Although that six-month- long project was exceptionally large we would do it again in a heartbeat.